Fish dishes

118. Calamari Fritti€16,00
with spinach the Dalmatian way
119. Prawns with bell pepper on a spit€17,50
besides potato en papillote with sour cream and salad
121. Prawns in a garlic sauce€17,50
besides butter rice and salad
123. Fried trout (with bones)€13,90
with remoulade, besides boiled potatoes and salad
124. Boiled trout (with bones)€13,90
with horseradish, besides boiled potatoes and salad
125. Redfish fillet fried in a pan€14,90
besides spinach, boiled potatoes and salad
126. Pike-perch fillet fried in a pan€15,90
besides fresh broccoli, boiled potatoes and salad
127. Fischplatte (für 2 Personen)€39,90
2 pike-perch fillets, 2 redfish fillets, 2 calamari, 4 prawns, serwed with spinach and boiled potatoes