1. Goose leg or goose breast€18,90
in gravy, with red cabbage and homemade potato dumplings
2. Wild boar roasts€17,50
with red cabbage, potato dumplings and pear with cranberries
3. Venison ragout huntsman style€17,50
besides red cabbage, spätzle (typical pasta of South Germany) and pear with cranberries
4. 2 pork fillet medallions Paris style€12,90
with fresh vegetables, potato croquettes and sidedish-salad
5. Grilled turkey escalopes€14,90
with fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes and salad side dish
6. Fish pan€17,50
fillets of redfish, pike-perch and plaice fried in a pan, comes with broccoli, boiled potatoes and sidedish-salad

Our recommendations

… recommended by our chef Zeljko Zarko

106. Rump-steak with roasted onions (220g)€19,50
comes with French fries, vegetables and salad
107. Veseli Dalmatinac (220 g)€19,90
rump-steak stuffed with ham and cheese, besides rice with vegetables, French fries and salad
109. Pepper steak (220g)€22,90
fillet steak with green pepper sauce potato croquettes and salad
110. Fillet steak with a fried egg (220g)€22,90
comes with French fries, vegetables and salad
93. Potpourri_Platte€13,90
3 pork chops, 3 Cevapcici, 1 slice of lean bacon, comes with French fries, curry rice and salad with 1 slice ewe's milk cheese
95. Special grill plate€15,50
2 Cevapcici, 1 small rump-steak, 1 small meat loaf, 2 pork chops, 1 slice of lean bacon, besides rice with vegetables, French fries and salad

Croatian wines

310. Chardonnay (0,75 Fl)€26,00
Croatia, fresh, fruity
311. Pošip Barrique (0,75 Fl.)€26,00
Croatia, harmonious, dry
312. Kastelanski crljenak (Zinfandel - 0,75 Fl.)€32,00
Kroatien, trocken
313. Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot (0,75 Fl.)€26,00
Croatia, fruity, volominous
314. Šjora - Rosé (0,75 Fl.)€26,00
Croatia, dry