Small dishes

32. Djuwetsch small€8,50
pork cutlet, besides rice with vegetables and salad
33. Trio plate€8,90
2 Cevapcici, 2 pork chops, 1 slice of lean bacon, French fries, curry rice and salad
34. Stuffed Pljeskavica small€9,50
spicy meat loaf (beef) stuffed with ewe's milk cheese, besides white beans and salad
35. Pljeskavica small€8,50
spicy meat loaf (beef) with rice, vegetables and salad
36. Muckalica small (hot)€8,80
minced pork dalmatian style, besides curry rice and salad
37. Puszta plate small€8,40
3 pork chops with curry rice and salad
38. Raznjici small€8,50
1 prok spit with curry rice and salad
39. Cevapcici small€8,40
5 spicy rolls of minced beef with curry rice and salad