Warm drinks

154. Milk coffee (cup)€2,90
155. Latte Macchiato (glass)€2,90
flavoured with syrup: vanilla, cinnamon, caramel or white chocolate (0,50€ surcharge)
156. Espresso (cup)€2,20
157. Cappucino (cup)€2,80
158. Original Turkish Mokka (cup)€2,80
159. Coffee (cup)€2,30
160. Coffee (jug)€3,40
161. Tea with lemon (glass)€2,50
black, peppermint, green, fruit, herb or camomile
162. Hot chocolate with cream (glass)€2,90
163. Mulled wine (glass)€3,30
164. Grog with 4cl Pott-rhum (glass)€3,80
165. Irish Coffee with 4cl Whiskey (glass)€3,90
166. Sljivac (5cl)€3,50
hot plum spirit
167. Hot lemon (glass)€3,50
with honey